Tuesday, July 29, 2014

some things ive made

Birds-eye maple lamp(cord is routed through wood)
bedroom shelves

armchair table

tv stand dvd case

some booze lamps

Microscope shelf, note storage, three aquariums, and test tube holder

improved table saw, with retractable outfeed bar, blade storage, magnetic arbor tools, more storage, and dust extraction

cut table saw dolly down to size and fitted miter saw on it

rod storage


desk chair turned glue table, with scrap paper roll to cover table

small table of saoft maple, and square steel tubing

phone camera sliding jig

Monday, March 25, 2013

Table saw improvements

added tupperware container to bottom and attached hose to hook vacuum up, cutting sawdust down by 90% Also a larger stop button.
This space on the bottom was originally open. I added a sheet of MDF for an extra shelf
This beam extends to act as an outfeed table
and retracts for storage
A machine screw threaded through the table saw legs provides efficient blade storage
magnets for the arbor tools
always there when you need them
extra junk storage flush with table saw

Ultimate pushstick for saw

In homage to one of the greats
This push stick has 2 good dedicated grips for leverage and handling. It also has a large slot in the middle so it can slide along the top of the rip fence and also nests with the front of my table saw so its always in reach. It has a staggered, overhung front so your workpiece doesn't fly up.
Push stick stores on front of saw so its always where you need it

Improved welding tank storage

I bought a cheap oxy-mapp welding system from home depot and it said to be careful of the cans tipping over and the provided stand was very cheap and unstable, so I made a new one.

Improved bandsaw dust extraction

I split a vaccum hose going into the back of my bandsaw and sent another hose to remove dust from the top side of the blade, resulting in less dust all around

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Air filter fix

One of the plastic bolt brackets on my airbox broke so i drilled a hole in the remains of the bottom piece and fastened it with safety wire