Thursday, February 28, 2013

frisbee lights

An early prototype
This one is a simple on off dual led light that attaches magnetically
This light uses centrifugal force and mercury switches to light up the frisbee only when it is spinning
a short video demonstrating the light in action.

Microscope camera adapter

I love looking at things under my microscope but I wanted to be able to share what I see. I found out that I could take pictures with my cameraphone. It was very difficult to hold it by hand so I made an adapter to hold it on my microscope.

you can see my microscope blog here

Clamping flexible camera mount

I make a lot of timelapses and i needed something to aim or point my camera, so I used a quickclamp and a gorillapod leg, and made a custom mount for my camera to slide into
close up of the connection between clamp and gorillapod
 A collection of some of my timelapses

Handy portable storage for welding rods

Just glue a pvc tube to a quick clamp and cap the bottom and your welding rods can be right where you need them when you need them

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anti larceny literature

Short timelapse of me cutting books
Need a safe and inconspicuous place to hide money, jewelry, anything?
Just regular books right?
These books, too, are hollow

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Camera Bellows

Not knowing how cheap it was to buy camera bellows, I made my own using an old film developer.

And here are some pictures i took with it

Drill press coolant pump

Using a couple of buckets, a fountain pump, some tubing, and a gorillapod leg I built a coolant pump to shoot water on my drill bit and the glass bottles im cutting into.

Fishing line fix

Simply hot glue paper clip to fishing line wheel, as an easy way to tie it off and keep it from unwinding while in transport or storage

reupholstering stuff

Someone gave me this funky little tripod chair and I added a foam pad for back support and fastened fabric over the top.
I picked this couch up off the side of the road and reupholstered all of the parts that i couldn't take off and wash

alligator clip/ test wire storage

If youve ever owned more than a few test wires you might have come across the problem of them getting all tangled up.

This is a simple fix for the problem. All you need to do is fix two nails on opposite sides of a short board and string fishing line between the two. This does a good job of keeping them from getting too tangled up

easy long reach precision glue applicator

Just hot glue a long thin tube or straw into a shampoo bottle and fill with whatever glue you are using. it is good for gluing the inside edges of small boxes ie: a tissue box

Booze lamps

 I work as a bartender on the weekends, and I save all of the bottles and make lamps out of them
A brief timelapse of the process

Monday, February 25, 2013

Magnetic tool storage

I went to a thrift store where nearly everything was on sale for a dollar so i bought a bunch of speakers
I took out all of the magnets and jb welded them to 1x4s

 once dried they are a great tool rack that can be fastened to any wall or toolbox

Replacement telescope part

 I bought a cheap telescope at a thrift store and the plastic piece that connected the tele and tripod was cracked so i made an identical piece out of hickory wood using a tablesaw to get the width right, then routed it for the chamfer, then used a miter saw to cut the length down. I was worried but it worked out perfectly.