Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Workshop

The evolution of my workshop so far.

I've always kind of tinkered with things I had and have been taking stuff apart my whole life, but about two years ago i decided I wanted to build stuff. I didnt know what, I just knew I loved creating things. Working in my rented half of a garage, This is a short photo diary of my workshop so far.
I started out with some borrowed tools from my dad, a bench top table saw, miter saw, and a sander.
I bought a router and received a slightly upgraded table saw and a vacuum(from Bino). I was quickly accumulating a lot of stuff started trying to create some tool and wood storage solutions using cheap materials, mostly pine studs and MDF.
Made a shelf and some hangers for my motorcycle gear, also I had just finished making my frankenspeakers and was working on ripping stock wood out of pine studs to prototype with.
I made a bike storage hook (this picture doesnt show it but ill link to it later) with my new harbor freight band saw, and some more shelving.
More new shelving, a small rotating work table, and a jimmyrigged dust extraction unit for my table saw(which saved my life btw), and panel ripping/cutting extensions for my table saw
Things kind of make a leap forward at this point I made a wall-mounted work table to fix my vice and drill press to(later added floor mounts for stability), and a tall freestanding shelf for projects and tools and junk.
A compressor is added to my inventory(thanks dad) a Wunderwinder(which I highly recommend) more and more storage
After learning how to weld I turned an old bed frame into shelves(on the right) bought a newish but broken table saw(which I am currently regretting as I havn't managed to fix it yet and it just lays there and looks at me sadly)
New shelving in the middle out of angle iron and scrap speaker plywood, has more shelves and aren't as deep(so I don't lose all my crap)
Magnetic tool storage on the left worked well in the spring but as summer progress my tools would fall down one by one while I worked because hot glue wasn't made for Arizona summers